Anthony Brochu



Passionate about stuff! Loves simplicity and clarity.

"Anything you can think" Developer.

I specialize in being able to work in different field of development, let it be back-end, front-end, legacy, new technologies, nothing can stop me! I love new challenges!

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  • City: Montréal, Canada
  • Degree: Bachelor in Software engineering
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Newly gratuated from the École de technologie supérieure as a software engineering bachelor, Anthony Brochu is a young developper who likes to bring technological solution to society biggest problems and for the people around him. Having worked in different compagnies, such as CGI, the National Bank of Canada (NBC), Morgan Stanley, Ubisoft, la Chapelle (a non-profit) and as a freelancer for all kinds of tasks, he has a lot of learning done and a lot of task accomplished.

Driven by the desire to discover new technologies and learn those already in place, he has gone from Java to Python, from legacy system to cloud computing, from Web development to the creation of smart contracts on the blockchain, and the list continues to evolve as time go by.

He was able to stand out during his bachelor by his contribution to the autonomous robotic's club, Naova ETS, where he had the opportunity to lead the team. His team spirit, collaboration, excellence and his good mood distinguishes him and allows him to achieve his goals and establish a nice team envirnment with his colleges and clients.


This is a just a sample ;)

HTML / CSS 99%
JavaScript 90%
Cloud Computing 50%
PHP / WordPress / CMS 70%
Java 90%
NodeJs 70%




2018 - 2022

École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), Montréal


2015 - 2018

Cégep de Granby Haute-Yamaska, Granby

Professional Experience


2021 - Present

Ubisoft Montreal

  • Assure the stability of the services of our team.
  • Add new functionnality to the services handled by our team.
  • Work with other teams in order to achieve business goals.
  • Work in a major AWS Cloud infrastructure.


June 2020 - Aug 2020

Morgan Stanley, Montreal

  • Implement new functionalities in a back-end application already in place (Java).
  • Implement new functionalities in a front-end application already in place (Angular).
  • Develop a new KSH script and integrate it in Jenkins, for automation purposes.
  • Write unit-test with unit and e2e test cases with Concordion.
  • Actively work in an Agile environment.


Jan 2019 - May 2019

National Bank of Canada, Montreal

  • Lead a team with a goal of implementing automated testing, to deliver quality more efficiently in an application, through the DevOps process.
  • Implement new functionalities in a web application already in place (Java and JavaScript).
  • Analyse and solve several bugs and defects in an application.
  • Actively work in an Agile environment.
  • Help another team (in C#) to deliver their project at the expected date.


Jan 2018 TO Aug 2018

CGI Sherbrooke

  • Implement new functionalities in a web application already in place (Java).
  • Analyse and solve several bugs and defects in an application.
  • Actively work in an Agile environment.
  • Ensure continuity of work during the absence of the team leader.
  • Speak with the customer to understand and respond to his needs.
  • Bring solutions to the various problems encountered.
  • Provide support during the various stages of testing and deployment.
  • Produce the necessary tests to ensure the quality of the features.


These are only some of the public projets I had the opportunity to work on! You can see more on my Github.



Let me take care of all your hosting problems.

Web development

All types and all tools.

Front-end development

ReactJS, VueJS, HandleBars, etc.

Back-end development

Java, PHP, Python, NodeJS, etc.

Blockchain development

I'm open to participating in projects that include a Blockchain, no matter which :)

Server Administration

Cloud or "on-premise" server, what matter is the uptime.

Anything else!

Just contact me and I'm sure I'll be open to what you have in mind!


Don't hesitate to contact me for any requests / questions!


Montréal, Canada


+1 450 204 8216